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Randall E. Glick, BSB/PM, MCP serves as the Executive Director and Chief Information Officer for the Southern Medical Association (SMA). The SMA is a 501c3 regional multispeciality, interdisciplinary medical education organization founded by physicians in 1906.

Glick works with the SMA leadership, members, and staff to accomplish its mission to "improve quality of patient care through multi-specialty, interprofessional education. The organization seeks to improve healthcare in the southern region by developing new innovative ways to educate the industry as well as the population itself. SMA also manages a Research and Education endowment that annually awards medical student scholarships and medical research projects. Additionally SMA publishes a monthly peer reviewed scientific journal entitled the Southern Medical Journal.

Glick also serves as the President of SMA Services Inc. A wholly owned subsidiary of the Southern Medical Association providing financial services and travel and tours services geared specifically towards the needs of healthcare professionals.

Glick is a graduate of the University of Phoenix where he earned a bachelor’s of science degree in business management with concentration in project management. He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional earning his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineering (MCSE) certification in 2000. He is a members of the ASAE.